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Classification Data


Classification data are the results of the classification process. Each object contains the span of the text that was classified, the label, the confidence, and the type of classification. They represent one match of a pattern or a detected label from a model.


Classification data are received inside an Array().

spanSpan []An array of span objects.
labelString []An array of label objects.
confidenceNumberA number between 0 and 1.
typeStringThe type of the classification.
pattern_idStringThe ID of the pattern.
pattern_nameStringThe name of the pattern.


	"span": [
			"indexes": [2699, 2715],
			"source_pure": "entre en vigueur"
		{ "indexes": [2728, 2742], "source_pure": "1 janvier 2022" }
	"label": ["date d'effet"],
	"confidence": 1,
	"type": "pattern",
	"pattern_id": "636a7d416d18c90025fa03e2",
	"pattern_name": "date d'effet_1"

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